MacTrast News Digest for January 8, 2014

MacTrast News Digest for January 8, 2014

T-Mobile made their big announcement. The iRing arrives, but it looks like it escaped from a bubble gum machine. Yahoo launches their “News Digest” app. And apps are the reason for the decline in iTunes music downloads (?) All this, and more, in the MacTrast News Digest for January 8, 2014.


T-Mobile to Pay up to $350 Termination Fee For You If You Switch Carriers
As rumored, T-Mobile announced at CES 2014 today the details of their Uncarrier 4.0 plan. T-Mobile will pay your early termination fee if you agree to switch from your current carrier and move to T-Mobile. And T-Mobile’s CEO made fun of the other carriers a lot, so… THAT was fun…
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CES 2014: Haier Announces First Apple MFi Certified Smart Appliance
Chinese electronics and appliance maker Haier is the first in its industry to announce a smart appliance with Apple’s Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad (MFi) certification. The company made the announcement at CES 2014. So, the iPhone controlled foot massager I bought on Amazon last year doesn’t count?
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How to Create Custom Vibrations for Individual Contacts in iOS 7
Recently, we told you how you could set up custom vibration alerts in iOS 7. This can be useful for people that keep their iPhone on silent – you can tell exactly what sort of notification your iPhone is trying to give you without having to even so much as remove it from your pocket! Today, we take it to the next level. That’s right, we just slipped some knowledge up in here. BOOM!
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Windows Users Love to Buy Apple Products
New research by Morgan Stanley shows that two out of every three Windows computer owners also purchase Apple products. However, Mac lovers said “MEH!” when asked about their feelings on the Surface RT.
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CES 2014: Dell Introduces $699 28-Inch 4K Display – Launches January 23
Dell teased an “under $1,000″ 28-inch 4K monitor last month, and today at CES 2014, Dell came through. And the display carries a very attractive price tag of just $699. That is attractive. Now, under $299 – THAT would be beautiful!
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The iRing Arrives! But It’s Plastic, and Won’t Control Your Apple Television Set
In the Spring of 2013 we had some fun with analyst Brian White’s claim of an “iRing” that would be used to control the Apple television set that he was predicting would soon be on its way. It turns out he was right about an “iRing.” One ring to play some jamz.
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Dediu: Apps May Be Reason For Decline of iTunes Music Downloads
Reports earlier this week showed iTunes music downloads were on the downswing for the first time since the iTunes Store came online in 2003. At the time, we reported that analysts believed that music streaming services were the culprits. Now, another respected analyst comes forth with a different theory. It’s all about the apps.
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Yahoo Launches Twice Daily ‘News Digest’ App for The iPhone and iPod touch
Yahoo has announced the release of “News Digest,” a new iOS app that collects, condenses, and then delivers the day’s headlines to users twice daily. The app is currently limited to iPhone and iPod touch users. Twice daily, just like the newspaper deliveries… Oh, wait.
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CES 2014: ZAGG Introduces New Line of Portable Power, invisibleSHIELD Products
ZAGG always has some cool things to introduce at CES, and this year is no exception, as the company is introducing a new line of portable batteries and power products, alongside the introduction of invisibleSHIELD On Demand, and invisibleSHIELD GLASS. But not the waterproofing stuff, that was 2 years ago…
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