Rumor: Apple to Bring Back 8GB iPhone 4 to Shore Up Sagging India Sales

Rumor: Apple to Bring Back 8GB iPhone 4 to Shore Up Sagging India Sales

Apple is apparently set to bring back an old favorite from yesteryear to customers in India. The company is reportedly preparing to bring back the 8GB iPhone 4 exclusively in the Indian market.



Citing unnamed sources at four of Apple’s top trade partners in the region, The Economic Times reports the company will soon start sales of the 8GB iPhone 4 in its push for marketshare.

The report claims the iPhone 4 will be priced at roughly 15,000 rupees, or $243, when buybacks and equated monthly installment (EMI) plans are factored in. That would come out to a savings of 11,500 rupees, or $187 over the device’s original retail price three year ago.

One strike against such a move would be the supply of the iPhone 4 itself. Apple halted production of the iPhone 4 last fall, and moved the iPhone 4S into the entry-level slot. Sources say the company will attempt to draw upon unsold inventory of the iPhone 4 from around the world.

Apple’s EMI strategy, which dulls the pain of the cost of the devices by spreading out payments over multiple months, has proven popular in the past, with iPhone sales rising 400% over a three-month period in 2013 after the debut of such a plan.

No official announcement has been made as to when sales of the iPhone 4 will begin in India.