Review: The Phosphor Touch Time – Not a Smartwatch, But a Smarter Watch

Review: The Phosphor Touch Time – Not a Smartwatch, But a Smarter Watch

What if there was a watch that offered much of the same functionality as the Pebble and other smartwatches do, and yet doesn’t require syncing it with an iPhone, and dispenses of the need to charge the device every few days? Meet the Phosphor Touch Time.



The result of a wildly successful Kickstarter project that funded back in 2012, the Phosphor Touch Time is the perfect watch for someone who admires the style and functions of smartwatches such as the Pebble, but wants their wearable device to be simple to use and maintain.

The Phosphor Touch Time is a digital watch that features an always-on touchscreen, smartwatch-like “apps”, and the ability to run for a year in between battery changes. Also, the Phosphor is water resistant up to 30 meters.

The Phosphor offers five different digital and analog watch faces, all accessible with a swipe of your finger.


There are also seven different “apps” built-into the Phosphor.┬áLaunch any app with a simple tap of an icon displayed in the menu screens.

These watch apps include:

  • Calculator with oversized numerical and mathematical symbol buttons
  • Alarm with the ability to set up to 6 different alarms
  • Calendar displays past, current, and future monthly views
  • World time allows display of up to 3 different time zones
  • Timer and Stopwatch that display lap data
  • Reminder to keep track of future daily events and tasks
  • Lunar displays moon phase, days to full moon, and horoscope

The Phosphor folks were kind enough to send us a review unit, and I was happy to try it out for a few weeks. My first impression of the watch upon opening the box is that it was an impressive sight right out of the box. The device itself is nicely put together, and while a bit heavy and thick, it is still stylish.


You will be conscious of the Phosphor being on your wrist after putting it on for the first time. While it didn’t really “bug” me in any way, it does weigh substantially more than the Pebble watch I usually wear.

I liked the way the Phosphor operated. A simple slide up with your fingertip, and you can access the built-in apps and watchfaces. Sliding up and down with your fingertip allows you to cycle through the 6 different watchfaces. Sliding your fingertip left to right allows access to the Phosphor’s built-in “apps.”

I found the built-in apps easy to use, although my stubby fingers made it a bit tough to use the calculator app. But otherwise, the apps are all intuitive, and while of course not offering the same utility as a smartwatch that can load its apps from your iPhone, I believe that for many users the Phosphor will offer just what they need.


If you’re intrigued by the current crop of smartwatches, but you either don’t want the hassle of connecting it with your smartphone, or if you simply don’t have a smartphone, the Phosphor Touch Time watch is an option I recommend considering.

While the price of $159 – $209 is a little dear, (the Pebble and Metawatch can actually be purchased at a lower price), the value is definitely there for people who like to be on the cutting edge of technology, but would like to keep the operation of their wearable smart devices on the simple side of things.

The Phosphor is available in various styles and with numerous types and colors of watchbands. (If you want people to notice your new watch, get the orange band, there was no shortage of comments from folks asking “what is that?” When they caught sight of my Phosphor.


Price: $159 to $209 – Available at the Phosphor website.


  • Simple to setup, use it right out of the box without needing to connect it to your smartphone.
  • Offers many of the functions of watches such as the Pebble or Metawatch.
  • Runs a full year on a readily available, replaceable battery.
  • A well-made and substantial device.


  • At a starting price of $159, it is a little expensive when compared to smartwatches available on the market.
  • You’re stuck with just the functions the watch offers out of the box. So be sure it does everything that you’ll want it to.