Review: Tabular for iPad – 5-Star Mac Tablature App comes to iPad

Review: Tabular for iPad – 5-Star Mac Tablature App comes to iPad

Last spring, I had the awesome opportunity to check out Tabular for Mac, and discovered it is easily one of the best Tab apps available.  Now, the developers are back with a feature-packed iPad version (available today) that’s certain to take your playing to the next level.


Tabular for iPad (Free in the App Store) is nearly as feature-complete as it’s Mac brethren, and is exactly what you’d expect from a tab writing application.  Compatible with midi files, as well as Guitar Pro 3, 4, and 5, you can also import your favorite tabs or tracks in and make adjustments, create custom versions, or change key without complication.


Built exclusively for iOS 7, Tabular for iPad features a gorgeous, clean interface and is easy and elegant to use.  To start off, Tabular offers a great walk-through that explains the basics of using the app (as well as some cool tips and tricks), that will get you writing in no time.  Once you’re ready to write, it’s a simple tap here, tap there, and you’re writing the next big hit.

Instrumentally, Tabular allows your to create full, multi-track arrangements for various instruments, and includes a gamut of common tuning options.  From guitars, bass, and drums, to flutes, organs, and trumpets, the only true limit is your creativity.


Unlike Tabular for Mac, the iPad version is free for all users from the App Store, but offers a $9.99 In-App Purchase, which unlocks practice tools, custom tuning options, custom track presets, and document templates.  It also removes the restriction on the number of documents, tracks, and measures that can be created, which further expands your creative options.

Other great features include iCloud syncing between Tabular for iPad and Tabular for Mac, Sharing to Twitter or Facebook (requires Dropbox), and the ability to email, message, or print your tab.  These, combined with the extensive flexibility of the tablature portion of Tabular make it a must have for writing music if you or someone in your group depends on tabs.


Verdict: [rating: 5]

Just like the Mac variation that came before it, Tabular for iPad is an excellent, feature rich way to create and edit tabs.  The huge range of instrument and tuning options, extensive musical notation features, and broad flexibility make it one of the best music writing apps I’ve used on iPad.  Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced musician, you can undoubtedly find a great use for Tabular, and with iPad being at the center or creativity for many musicians around the world, Tabular for iPad is the perfect companion to their passion for making beautiful music.



  • Easy to use interface
  • Support for external MIDI and Guitar Pro file formats
  • iCloud syncing with Tabular on other iPads or Macs
  • Printing and Sharing options


  • No ability to edit notes directly on the musical staff (tab editing only)

If you have ever looked at a tab, played an instrument, or tried to teach someone else how to play a song, Tabular for iPad is hands-down one of the best tools for writing anything musical, for musicians of all levels.  Get it now, free in the App Store.

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