Apple Says iOS 7 Adoption Hits 87% of iOS Devices

Apple Says iOS 7 Adoption Hits 87% of iOS Devices

Apple says iOS 7 is now running on 87% of the devices that connect to the App Store. The announcement, via Apple’s App Store developer support page, comes seven months after the operating system’s debut, and just a couple of months ahead of what is the expected introduction of iOS at at June’s WWDC 2014.


Apple generally sees fast adoption of its IOS releases, as the company generally makes upgrading easy to accomplish.

As a comparison, Google has experienced a mere 5.3% upgrade rate for the latest version of its Android OS, version 4.4 (KitKat), which was released one month after iOS 7 debuted.

iOS 6 usage dropped as a result of iOS 7’s quick adoption rate, with the older OS residing on just 11% of devices. A mere 2% of devices are running older versions of iOS.

Apple’s data comes directly from iOS devices which connect to its App Store.

(Via MacRumors)

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