Weekend Funnies: The Internet Has Fun With “Bendgate”

Weekend Funnies: The Internet Has Fun With “Bendgate”

Apple took a few playful, yet stinging jabs on the Internet this week over the iPhone 6 Plus “bendgate” tempest in a teapot.  Even though Consumer Reports finally weighed in by showing that the new “HUGE!” iPhone was just as, if not more, durable than competitor’s handsets, that didn’t stop others from taking a jab or two.

Brewer Heineken had some fun with this tweet:

While KitKat took a shot at promoting their product’s “Breakability.”

Of course iPhone competitor LG had to point out that THEIR device flexes too… But by design.

Apple has added a new photo to their Executives page… (Via Slashgear)


And finally, BluerockNY envisions what may be the perfect result of the whole hullaballoo.