App of the Week: Themeboard – Designer Keyboards for iOS

App of the Week: Themeboard – Designer Keyboards for iOS

One of the strongest features of the iPhone, in my opinion, is the superior typing experience. I’ve felt this way since I owned the iPhone 3G. Apple worked tirelessly to create a glorious typing experience that, for whatever reason, other mobile manufacturers couldn’t quite hone in on. Unfortunately, some iPhone owners feel the keyboard isn’t “pretty” enough to suit their needs. With iOS 8, iDevice users can now load custom keyboards that offer the same wonderful typing experience Apple is known for, with unique interfaces, functionality, and style.


Themeboard for iOS is a new keyboard “app” that allows you to activate 1 keyboard, and then swap out styles (themes) of the keyboard based on your mood, accessories, or personal preference. From Mac keyboard inspired button design, to outer space, a football field to legos, Themeboard offers a huge range of customized keyboard options for iPhone users.


Additionally, Themeboard integrates Emoji into the predictive text bar, allowing you to quickly access your favorite expressions and accents without switching off of the main keyboard layout. Another change I was quite impressed with was the [123] numbers and punctuation screen. The developers stuck to the traditional layouts, without moving any keys (like some other keyboards have done), but also added in 2 new keys – ★ and  – which are quite helpful for those sticklers about properly keying Pay and Watch when they type.

Best of all, Themeboard is free in the App Store, and is constantly adding new keyboard designs, a huge win for consumers looking to score a high quality, full-featured keyboard! Whether you like something clean and simple, or something fancy and glitzy, there’s a keyboard style in Themeboard you’re bound to like! I highly recommend you check it out in the App Store and start to personalize your typing experience!


The App of the Week is a feature written by Ian Fuchs, and is designed as a way to provide exposure to apps that may otherwise go overlooked or unnoticed in the App Store. If you have an App of the Week suggestion (for Mac, iPhone, or iPad), email it to ian(at), or find me at @ianfuchs on Twitter.

  1. Gayle Crone Rupert says:

    My problem with the after market keyboards is that none of them have a microphone. Or at least none that I have found.

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