Apple TV Adds Four New Channels – Updated YouTube App

Apple TV Adds Four New Channels – Updated YouTube App

Apple TV added four new channels to its lineup today, along with a revamped YouTube app with a refreshed design and more content available for streaming.

New Apple TV Channels
New Apple TV Channels – Screenshot – CultofMac

Cult of Mac found the new channels first, noting that a dedicated UFC channel was added, along with channels for Fusion, Dailymotion, and Conde Nast’s The Scene. It’ll be a little easier to pick out the new channels in your menu, as Apple has conveniently included a “New” tag in the upper right hand corner of the new channel’s icons.

While Fusion, Dailymotion, and The Scene are all ad-supported channels, it’ll cost you a cool $99.99 for a year of the UFC Fight Pass.

Fusion’s content is aimed at millennials, with content from the Fusion cable channel. Views will have access to clips of such shows as No, You Shut Up, Drug Wars, and more.

The Scene will allow viewers to access original videos from such publications as Variety, Vogue, GQ, The New Yorker, and Wired.

Dailymotion is a user-supported video site, similar to YouTube. Users will be able to view trending videos, and clips from popular sites and channels.

In addition to a refreshed design, the new YouTube app adds personalized recommendations, channel subscriptions, and predictive search. All YouTube content is now available.

All the new channels and the revamped YouTube app should now be available. If they aren’t showing up for you, just give your Apple TV a quick reboot, and they should appear.