Russian Online Apple Store Returns – With 35% Higher iPhone 6 Prices!

Russian Online Apple Store Returns – With 35% Higher iPhone 6 Prices!

The Russian online Apple Store has made its triumphant return to the Internet, although Russian customers will find their Rubles don’t go near as far as they used to…

Russian Online Apple Store


After a week of being inactive, the Russian Apple Online Store is now back online with customers freely able to purchase products from the site once again. 

Apple abruptly closed their online store in Russia last week, following extreme fluctuations in the value of the Russian Ruble.

Customers will find prices in the re-opened store much higher than they were last week. A 16GB base model iPhone 6 now goes for 53,990 Rubles, a 35% increase in the Russian sales price. 53,990 Rubles is approximately worth $980 USD. The 16 GB iPhone 6 lists for $649 USD, excluding taxes.

Other models of the iPhone have similarly increased in price, with the iPhone 5c now costing 29,990 Rubles, while the top of the line 128GB iPhone 6 Plus goes for the dear price of 77,990 Rubles.

Mac buyers will be hit hard with higher prices too, as a Retina Display iMac will take almost 200,000 Rubles out of a Russian’s bank account.

Apple also readjusted Russian App Store prices on Friday, in order to account for the exchange rate fluctuations.

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