How To: Build a iPad Stand for Less Than a Dollar

How To: Build a iPad Stand for Less Than a Dollar

There are literally hundreds of stands for iPads and tablets on the market, but they all have one thing in common – they cost money. Broke college students, post-grad Starbucks employees, and aspiring tech bloggers, listen up! A little internet hunting, some subtle modifications, and I’ve come up with a great iPad (or any tablet, really) stand that you can construct at little-to-no-cost, by yourself in a matter of minutes; all it takes is a small section of cardboard, some scissors or utility knife, and a dollop of patience.

Originally coined on Instructables as the “Pizza Box iPad Stand,” there are 2 truly necessary components, and a third piece that I added for additional stability when using the iPad in portrait mode.

To make your iPad stand, follow these simple steps:

1) Print out the Pattern from the “Pizza Box iPad Stand” from Instructables.

2) Find some cardboard (or get creative with other sturdy materials) that is 8 inches by 10 inches or larger.

3) Attach pattern to cardboard and cut along the solid lines.

While you’re cutting out the pattern, don’t be afraid to pause for a minute and apply tape to keep your pattern affixed to the cardboard. If you are following the pattern, you’ll end up with something similar to this:

iPadStandPieces1  iPadStandPieces2

At this point, if you’re using an iPad mini (or an iPhone 6+ or other large phone – 5” or larger) you can consider yourself, and the stand, finished. However, if you’re using a full-sized iPad (any generation) or another larger tablet, I would recommend adding some additional support.

Using the piece of cardboard that WAS below the template (or if you lined it up at the bottom, a piece along the top, cut a 1.5” tall x 7” wide (or larger if desired. Add a notch on either end of the third piece, about 1/2” from the ends.


Add 2 notches on the center section of the original stand, each about 1/2” from the folds. Make sure the notches in the center section are deep enough that the extra support piece will sit flush with the rest of the stand. Fold the support piece in the center, and insert the support piece into the notches of the back, creating an “A” shape out of the stand.

iPadStandAssembleTop iPadStandAssemble

Once all the pieces are connected, test out the stand, and ensure things are level. Make tiny adjustments with a sharp pair of scissors, snipping off any bulges along the bottom of the stand. If things seems to sit flat, and the iPad isn’t rocking side-to-side, you’re good to go! Just think of all the money you saved, not to mention the added mental stimulation of being creative!


Best of all, when you’re not using the stand, the 3 pieces of cardboard easily come apart and can be tucked in a laptop bag or put in a drawer until you need it again, and should your stand break, the repair costs are next to nothing!

If you followed our tutorial and want to show off your work, found these instructions helpful, or have an addition or improvement, let me know over on Twitter (@IanFuchs).

Click here to Download the “Pizza Box iPad Stand” Pattern!