iOS 8.3 Enables Wi-Fi Calling for Sprint in US, EE in UK

iOS 8.3 Enables Wi-Fi Calling for Sprint in US, EE in UK

Wednesday’s iOS 8.3 update brought a new feature for Sprint subscribers in the U.S., and EE users in The U.K.; Wi-Fi Calling is now available on many iPhone handsets

iOS 8.3 Enables Wi-Fi Calling for Sprint in US, EE in UK

Sprint announced announced on Wednesday that Wi-Fi Calling capabilities would be enabled for  iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s owners as part of Wednesday’s iOS 8.3 update.

“Wi-Fi Calling is like a major expansion of our network, allowing Sprint customers to get coverage anywhere they have Wi-Fi connectivity,” said David Owens, senior vice president of product development for Sprint. “Traditional wireless technology has some limitations in places like basements and high-rise office buildings. Wi-Fi expands our customer’s connectivity in a big way. The addition of Wi-Fi Calling for iPhone customers is just one more example of how Sprint is getting better every day.”

T-Mobile was the first U.S. carrier to offer Wi-Fi Calling on the iPhone, as of the introduction of iOS 8 last fall.

In addition to extended coverage, Wi-Fi Calling allows Sprint subscribers to place free phone calls back to the U.S. and Puerto Rico from over 200 countries. A carrier software update rolling out this week will let customers dial out using their cellular phone number.

U.K. cellular provider EE has confirmed iOS 8.3 makes Wi-Fi calling available for subscribers who use iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s and 5c handsets. Users will need to have their devices provisioned for Wi-Fi calling by switching on “Wi-Fi Calls” in iPhone’s Settings menu. Provisioning from EE should take about one day.

Wi-Fi Calling was introduced with the debut of iOS 8. The feature allows users to place and receive calls via their Wi-Fi network, allowing connections in areas without sufficient cellular coverage, and offering enhanced battery performance and voice quality compared to standard cellular calls.

(Via AppleInsider)