Apple Prepping Software and Hardware Updates for Apple Watch

Apple Prepping Software and Hardware Updates for Apple Watch

Apple is reported to be working on both software and hardware updates for the Apple Watch. A new report, from 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, claims Apple is working on a “Find My Watch” feature that would be paired with a “Smart Leashing Feature” to notify a user via the Apple Watch if they leave their iPhone behind.

Apple Prepping Software and Hardware Updates for Apple Watch

“The premise of the feature [Find My Watch] is very similar to Find my iPhone for iOS devices and Find my Mac for OS X computers. Apple was developing the feature long before the Watch shipped, but implementing it for an iPhone-dependent device forced the company’s engineers to consider more novel connectivity solutions.”

Recent reports expressed concern that a lost or stolen Apple Watch could be repaired with a new iPhone, due to the absence of an “Activation Lock” feature similar to that on iOS devices.

No timeline is given for the implementation of the Find My Watch feature, as it isn’t known whether it could be done strictly in software, or if it would require revised hardware to work, raising the possibility that the feature may not debut until the release of the second-generation Apple Watch.

The article also mentions Apple is making progress on updates for the Watch’s health and fitness apps that would use the current-generation’s hardware to notify users about an irregular heart beat. Gurman warns that one of his sources said such a feature may never see the light of day, as it could be subject to governmental regulation, and potential liability concerns.

The report says Apple is looking to add a blood pressure monitor and sleep tracking features in the near future, along with glucose/blood sugar sensors farther down the road.

Apple Prepping Software and Hardware Updates for Apple Watch

Apple is also said to be working on third-party watchface “Complications,” which are small widgets that indicate activity levels, alarm clocks, calendar events, and more. Gurman notes that his sources tell him that Apple is testing a new version of the Watch OS that includes a set of Twitter complications to notify users of their unread Twitter notifications count. A larger view could display the text of the Twitter mentions.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2015) kicks off on June 8th, and while it’s likely the event will concentrate on iOS 9, OS X 10.11, and possibly an updated Apple TV, it is possible Apple may also have a few Apple Watch announcements up their sleeve… On their wrist… UGH! You know what we mean!

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