iOS Messages Bug Begins to Affect Third-Party Apps

iOS Messages Bug Begins to Affect Third-Party Apps

The iOS Messages bug that causes iOS devices to crash after receiving a specific string of symbols and characters is also affecting third-party apps, such as Twitter and Snapchat, reports The Guardian.

iOS Messages Bug Begins to Affect Third-Party Apps
Photo – The Guardian

The Guardian:

Apple’s text messaging bug that can crash iPhones with simple text also affects Twitter and permanently breaks Snapchat text chat.

The bug, which causes Apple’s text handling system to choke on certain characters from Arabic, Marathi and Chinese and crashes the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac, also affects apps running on iOS.

The Twitter crash occurs when any direct message or public mention with the string of characters included is received, and notifications are turned on for Twitter. Snapchat reacts in a similar way, crashing an iPhone when a user attempts to read a message containing the rogue string of text.

As we reported earlier today, Apple has published a workaround for the issue, and says a fix is on the way. While Apple hasn’t officially announced a date for the bug fix, they’ll likely be working to get it out as soon as possible, as the bug begins to affect third-party apps.

(Via MacRumors)