Report: Apple Readying TVKit SDK for Apple TV

Report: Apple Readying TVKit SDK for Apple TV

A new report says Apple is readying a new version of Xcode, which includes a TVKit SDK for creating apps for the upcoming next-generation Apple TV that will likely be introduced at WWDC 2015 on June 8.

Report: Apple Readying TVKit SDK for Apple TV
Apple TV and controller concept by Martin Hajek

Mark Gurman – 9to5Mac:

“In line with earlier reports, our sources indicate that the new Apple TV box will be unveiled in June with deep Siri integration and third-party application support. Our sources add that a new version of Xcode, known as “MuirTrail” internally, includes a new feature called “TVKit” for developers to build third-party Apple TV apps.”

Also mentioned is Apple’s plans to market the current Apple Watch as a primary input device for the next-generation Apple TV, as well as including a “fancier” remote control with the new set top box.

Gurman’s sources tell him that the new Apple TV will integrate with Apple’s upcoming “Live TV” streaming initiative, designed to compete with cable provider’s offerings, but he believes that service will launch after the hardware does.

Sources who have used the next-generation Apple Tv development boxes, (which are still loaded up with cable subscription channel apps), say the prototypes are about twice as large as the current-generation Apple TV. However, the shipping version is expected to be slimmer than the current square hockey puck design. The new hardware is reportedly codenamed “J34,” and its operating system is tagged with the moniker of “MonarchTide.”

Gurman’s insiders couldn’t confirm when any of the software features will debut, although some may make an appearance at WWDC 2015 in June.