Report: Apple Watch Scores 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Report: Apple Watch Scores 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating

A new survey indicates that Apple Watch owners are quite happy with their wearable device. Watch customer’s satisfaction is actually higher than the levels recorded for the iPhone and iPad at the same point in their release.

Report: Apple Watch Scores 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating


Of the more than 800 Apple Watch owners surveyed by Wristly, 31 percent said they were “somewhat satisfied” while 66 percent were “very satisfied/delighted.” In comparison, just 91 percent of iPad buyers and 92 percent of those who picked up first-generation iPhones were satisfied with their purchase.

Casual users seems to be the most satisfied group, with 73% of those users who don’t work in the tech industry reporting they were “very satisfied.” “Tech insiders” report a 63% “very satisfied” rate, while the percentage of developers who were “very satisfied” drops to 43%.

Apple Watch users say the Watch is a good value, with 73% saying it is worth what it costs, while 14% think the device is worth more. 12% of customers say it is a poor value. Stainless steel owners generally believed their device was a better value.

The group surveyed by Wristly is made up as follows:

  • Over 800 participants
  • 85% are male
  • 25% wear the 38mm Watch
  • 22% of women have chosen the larger 42mm Watch
  • 17% of men have chosen the smaller 38mm Watch
  • 84% reside in the US
  • 28% are on the East Coast, while 25% on the West coast.

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