Report: Apple to End $99 ‘One to One’ Training Program

Report: Apple to End $99 ‘One to One’ Training Program

A report from Monday claims Apple may soon put an end to its $99 “One to One” tutoring program for users of Apple computers and devices.

Report: Apple to End $99 'One to One' Training Program


… according to a source that has provided MacRumors with reliable information in the past. Our source says Apple is stopping the program to allow retail employees to focus on hosting a greater number of free workshops, which multiple people are able to attend at once. 

One to One offers customers who purchase a Mac the opportunity to pay an additional $99 for one year of one-on-one Mac, iPhone, and iPad instruction from Apple retail employees. Training can take the form of 30 or 60 minute Personal Training sessions, 90-minute Group Training sessions, or 90-minute group-based Open Training sessions.

Topics for One to One training include getting started with your device, as well as training on iCloud and iTunes, as well as Apple apps such as Photos, iMovie, Mail, and more.

The report says Apple will fold the service into free open workshops, which will be structured around themes such as “Discover,” “Create,” and “Organize.” A recent report noted that Apple will be integrating their appointment scheduling services for in-store workshops and the Genius Bar into its main website.

Apple will honor all existing One to One memberships until they expire, but will not be selling new memberships going forward.