Apple Informs Developers About the App Store’s ‘Holiday Hours’

Apple Informs Developers About the App Store’s ‘Holiday Hours’

Apple developers will want to mark December 22-29 on their calendars, as that’s the dates they’ll not have access to the App Store submission process. The company traditionally closes down iTunes Connect for submissions and updates around the holidays, to give the staff some much-deserved time off with their families. Other iTunes Connect functionality will remain available.

Apple Informs Developers About the App Store's 'Holiday Hours'


The company urges developers to get their apps and updates into the pipeline before December 22, ensuring availability for when new users pick up their iPad or iPhone for the first time. As well as the friendly reminder, Apple also revealed the App Store crossing 100 billion cumulative downloads.

“Revenue from the App Store increased 25% year over year, and the number of transacting customers grew 18%, setting a new all-time record. We want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our platforms.”

The App Store will once more begin accepting submissions and updates via iTunes Connect on December 30th.


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