Apps Begin Adding iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Support

Apps Begin Adding iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Support

The iPad Pro is available for order today, and announcements of added iPad Pro and Apple Pencil support for iPad apps are beginning to roll in. Here are just a couple, (for now).


Cynapse has announced that their popular business dashboard app, Numerics 4.2, offers iPad Pro support on launch day. Numerics on the iPad Pro displays up to 24 different metrics in Numerics before scrolling, double the number of widgets presented on the regular iPad screen.

Apps Begin Adding iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Support

Numerics processes and creates dashboards by fetching metrics from a variety of services on the device, without using any servers. Numerics v4.2 introduces a new feature Dashboard Markup. Using the markup feature, users can share insights and observations by adding annotations or highlighting important numbers on the dashboard snapshot before sharing it. A user can annotate a dashboard with their finger or use the Apple Pencil to highlight, underline, write comments and create insightful reports.

Numerics takes advantage of Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity and tilt detection making your annotations feel more expressive and natural. When the Apple Pencil is tilted over 70 degrees, the pencil turns into an Obfuscator. In this mode, the strokes become broad and thick and can be used to obscure any numbers or widgets you don’t want to share in the snapshot.

Users can mark up dashboards in Numerics, copy the snapshot and paste it into a productivity app like Keynote or Microsoft Word running side by side in one of the multitasking modes to create beautiful reports in a few taps and pencil strokes.

Numerics 4.2 is available in the App Store for a special 50% price of $9.99. The update is free for existing users. [GET IT NOW]

Outline 3.7

Gorillized Corporation has updated Outline, their smart digital notebook for iOS to offer revamped UI with convenient navigation tree and support for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Apps Begin Adding iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Support

New navigation tree is an improved way to manage notebooks in Outline. You can now more easily open or create notebooks, share or close them, access notebook’s settings or view all your notebooks in one place. By tapping a special button, you can quickly open and hide navigation tree. Also, you can now expand the structure of each notebook, review it, quickly find required information or even change notebook’s structure adding new sections and groups directly from the navigation tree.

Apple Pencil compatibility makes Outline’s handwriting and drawing modes more effective and turn Outline into a powerful tool for writing notes, ideas and plans.

Outline 3.7 is $2.99 for a limited time in the App Store. [GET IT NOW]

More to Come

We’ll post more iPad Pro and Apple Pencil-enhanced iPad apps here below as we find out more about them. If you know of one, or if you offer one in the App Store, be sure to let us know at, and maybe we’ll include it in the list.

Carbo 1.2

Developer Creaceed has added support for the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil to its app that lets users capture and organize handwritten notes and sketches. Version 1.2 brings a new pen tool that allows creating new notes or editing existing ones. Carbo’s pen tool reacts to a number of input features of Apple Pencil such as pressure, velocity, tilt angle to provide variable thickness strokes. When not using Apple Pencil, Carbo reverts to using pressure (iPhone 6s) & velocity to provide a natural drawing experience.

Apps Begin Adding iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Support

New Features:

  • Sketching notes directly within Carbo is now possible, using either finger, styluses or Apple Pencil. This highly accurate drawing technology reacts to velocity, pressure and more
  • Creation of empty notes
  • New ‘Pen’ tool for drawing

Carbo 1.2 is $7.99 (USD) and is available in the App Store. The app is a free upgrade for existing owners. [GET IT NOW]
For more information, visit the Carbo website.