Space Station Challenge Offers 3D Space Simulation for the Apple TV

Space Station Challenge Offers 3D Space Simulation for the Apple TV

Have you ever wanted to try docking a spaceship with the International Space Station, but didn’t want to go through all the necessary training and spending of millions of dollars just to try it? Then the recently released Space Station Challenge 1.0 for the Apple TV, just might be what you’re looking for.


Space Station Challenge is a 3D simulation of docking with the International Space Station and then performing five specific EVA missions. Use the dual joystick interface to modify the orientation of the vehicle with one control, while using the other to carefully move closer to the space station dock. Use similar controls to control the jetpack on your space suit during EVA. Ground control vocally guides players through the various maneuvers, as needed.

Game producer Ed Magnin shared the reasoning behind the development of the game: “Some of the most interesting games are those that let you do something you can’t to in real life. Whose going to let an old game developer like me go the space station?”

As usual, you’ll have to go to the Apple TV App Store to find the game, just search for either “Magnin” or “Space Station”. The game will run you $1.99, which is much cheaper then manning your own flight to the space station, and if you’ve already purchased the iOS version of the game, the Apple TV version is a freebie. There is also an Android version of the game available, if that’s how you fly.