Report: Siri Will Finally Come to the Mac via OS X 10.12

Report: Siri Will Finally Come to the Mac via OS X 10.12

Apple is expected to release its next major update to the Mac’s operating system, OS X 10.12 (codenamed, “Fuji”), this fall, and 9to5Mac reports Siri will finally make its way to the Mac as a part of the new version.

Report: Siri Will Finally Come to the Mac via OS X 10.12
Siri Mockup – 9to5Mac


Apple had been testing versions of OS X internally with Siri integration since at least 2012, but sources now say that Apple has a clear vision for Siri on the Mac along with a polished user-interface and is nearly ready to launch the feature publicly. Apple is expected to introduce OS X 10.12 in June at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

The report notes Siri will live in your Mac’s Menu Bar, similar to the Spotlight icon we all know so well. A click on anĀ icon in the bar will activate the virtual, voice-controlled assistant. When the icon is clicked, a dark, transparent interface will appear, as shown above in 9to5Mac’s mockup. Of course, it should be noted that nothing is finalized, and the look and feel of the interface could be subject to change.

Siri will have its own OS X System preferences pane, and users will also have an option ot select a keyboard shortcut to activate the virtual assistant. If the Mac running OS X 10.12 is plugged into AC power, users will be able to use the iOS-like “Hey Siri” command to activate the assistantĀ on the fly.

9to5Mac also mentions OS X 10.12 is expected to include minor interface tweaks, but nothing as glaringly obvious as were the changes in Yosemite. performance-based improvements are also expected as a part of the update.