Rumor: Apple Won’t Include a Smart Connector on the iPhone 7

Rumor: Apple Won’t Include a Smart Connector on the iPhone 7

A new report published by Japanese site Mac Otakara shoots the iPhone 7 Smart Connector rumor down. The report suggest Apple has decided against including an iPad Pro-like Smart Connector on its upcoming flagship handset.

Rumor: Apple Won't Include a Smart Connector on the iPhone 7

The Smart Connector, first made an appearance on the iPad Pro. The new connector allows the transfer of both power and data between the tablet and its accessories, such as the Smart Keyboard.

The rumors that were floated about the Smart Connector being included on the iPhone 7/7 Plus never indicated an actual intended use for the connector on the handset, but some speculated it would be used for wireless charging, or battery cases.

An image said to be that of an iPhone 7 Plus was published by a Chinese website back in March, which indicated a Smart Connector could make an appearance on the 7. The photo could be an actual iPhone 7, a mockup, or simply a counterfeit device. However, it did help fuel rumors that the connector would be included on the new handset.

Today’s report suggests Apple shelved the idea of the Smart Connector, after first deciding to include it as part of the new iPhone’s design. However, that is merely speculation on Mac Otakara’s part, and it’s likely the Smart Connector was never intended to be part of the design.

As usual, take the rumor with a grain of your favorite low-sodium salt substitute.

(Via MacRumors)