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Pennsylvania Man Sues Apple Over ‘Web Carousels’ Patent

Pennsylvania Man Sues Apple Over ‘Web Carousels’ Patent

Add another lawsuit to the long list Apple faces almost daily, as a Pennsylvania man has filed a lawsuit claiming the Cupertino firm is infringing on his patent for web carousels. The documents were filed in a Northern Illinois District Court by Samuel Lit. (Has Apple been “Lit up?” – Ed.)

Pennsylvania Man Sues Apple Over 'Web Carousels' Patent
Apple’s ‘carousel’ display, caught in between frames…

Apple’s website features a homepage that usually displays a number of promotions for its products, cycling thorough the various photos automatically, although web users can also display any of the photos on demand.


Lit is leveraging U.S. Patent No. 8,793,330 for an “Information display system and method,” which includes claims that describe elements of a display engine configured to deliver carousel content from a server to a webpage. Further claims cover statistical and financial functions in relation to database analytics.

Lit claims Apple’s website infringes on some or all of the 20 claims in the patent. He is seeking “reasonable royalties” with interest in the case.

Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia shares the following information about Lit:

Sam’s expertise encompasses audio and video digital editing and spent many years producing various Television projects. Sam is also an expert computer software writer. Today, Sam is the President of Hy Lit Radio Technologies Inc., which is a proprietary software developer entity with a series of patents and patents pending for many advanced software engines and systems such as YourDisplayCarousel.com.

He even has his own propriety search engine HyLitGlobalsearch.com. Hy Lit Radio Technologies also produces and develops audio/video networks and services such as HyLitRadio.com & HyLitRhytm.com. Sam appears live & broadcasts live throughout the Delaware Valley on HyLitRadio.com.

The YourDisplayCarousel.com website, which was an attempt to monetize the carousel technology in question, shut down in December of 2015.