This Mall Turned its Lobby Into a Designated Pokémon Go Arena

This Mall Turned its Lobby Into a Designated Pokémon Go Arena

Business around the world are learning that it’s good for business to lure Pokémon Go players to their location. A mall in Albany, New York has went one step farther, and embraced its location as a Pokégym by converting its lobby into a designated Pokémon Go arena.

This Mall Turned it's Lobby Into a Designated Pokémon Go Arena
Credit: PolarDorsai via Reddit


Colonie Center in Albany, New York decided to make the most of its location as a PokéGym and went on to convert its lobby into a designated Pokémon Go arena.

The mall has painted a huge Poké Ball in the center of its lobby to mark the improvised battle arena and possibly entice a bunch of Go-playing customers in stores nearby.

The mall lobby is also decorated with Pokémon-themed posters and flags to complete the Pokétheme.

While Colonie Center isn’t the first establishment to tap into the Pokémon Go craze, we believe they are the first to go to this extreme. A number of business owners have taken similar approaches, and have benefited from an uptick in business.

So far there aren’t any official Pokémon Go business affiliations, although developer Niantic and Nintendo are reported to be working on business sponsorships to lure players to various locations. A partnership with McDonald’s is said to be already in the development stages.

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