AT&T to Raise Price of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans by $60 per Year

AT&T to Raise Price of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans by $60 per Year

AT&T has decided to dig a little deeper into the pockets of its customers who are still on grandfathered unlimited data plans. Information obtained by DSLReports says the carrier will raise the price of the plans by $5 per month.

AT&T to Raise Price of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans by $60 per Year

The price hike is the second such price increase in the last 12 months, raising the price from $35 to $40 per month. The price increase will kick in starting in March of this year. AT&T released a statement about the move:

Our Mobile Share Advantage plans and our AT&T Unlimited Plan provide several benefits that our legacy unlimited plan doesn’t. If you have a legacy unlimited data plan, you can keep it; however, beginning in March 2017, it will increase by $5 per month.

AT&T discontinued its unlimited data plans in 2010, but a small number of customers who signed up for the plan before it was terminated are still allowed to hold onto their plan. The plan allows unlimited data usage, but excessive data usage can lead to throttling. (Of the data, not the customer.)

AT&T last raised prices for the unlimited data plan in February 2016, hitting customers with a $5 price hike. The price hikes are considered to be just one of the weapons the carrier is using to force their unlimited data plan customers to switch to other plans. The carrier has thrown price hikes, as well as data throttling and caps at its “valued” customers in their effort to force grandfathered customers to switch.

The wireless carrier does currently offer $100 unlimited data plan, but that is only available to customers who also subscribe to an AT&T DirecTV or AT&T U-Verse plan.

(Via MacRumors)

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