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Apple Submits Third Version of Mystery ‘Wireless Device’ to FCC

Apple Submits Third Version of Mystery ‘Wireless Device’ to FCC

Apple has once again submitted an unnamed “Wireless Device” to the FCC for approval. This third filing lists an A1845 model number, placing it in the middle of the previously filed A1844 and A1846 models.

Apple Submits Third Version of Mystery 'Wireless Device' to FCC
Screenshot via MacRumors.


Apple again requested permanent confidentiality for most of the documents in the filing, including photos, user manuals, and schematics, so the entry largely remains a mystery. Test reports completed by UL Verification Services reveal that, just like in the first two filings, the device has Bluetooth LE and NFC.

The model numbers — A1844, A1845, and A1846 — don’t match any existing Apple products.

Device Similar to September and January Submissions

No photos of the device are included in the FCC application, but a regulatory label illustration is, and while similar to the original “A1844” submission, it gives fewer hints as to the device’s actually design. (The “A1844” submission showed a small portion of a device that appeared to have slightly curved edges and was held together by Torx screws.)

When the original “Wireless Device” approval was submitted in September, some speculated it could be a new Apple TV. We speculated it could be an early version of a much-rumored Amazon Echo competitor that was said to be in development. So far, neither piece of pure speculation has been confirmed.

The regulatory information is etched directly on the back plate of the device, along with a wiring guide, so the device is likely not intended for the consumer market, but instead may be destined for use in commercial settings, such as a product display unit, or some iBeacon-based device.

We’ll keep you posted about the filings, and the device behind the filings if and when it is revealed.