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SoundCloud Debuts $5 per Month Music Streaming Subscription

SoundCloud Debuts $5 per Month Music Streaming Subscription

SoundCloud has announced SoundCloud Go, their new $4.99 per month streaming music subscription. The new offering will be the service’s mid-range offering, sitting between their free ad-supported plan, and the $9.99 per month newly renamed SoundCloud Go+ subscription plan.

SoundCloud Debuts $5 per Month Music Streaming Subscription

The new SoundCloud Go plan gives you the first, fully on-demand listening experience at this price point. This means full control to choose the exact tracks you like, play them anytime, anywhere, as many times as you’d like. 

No Ads, But Less Music to Choose From

The new mid-range “Go” plan still gets rid of the ads, and allows offline listening, just as the Go+ plan does. However, listeners opting for the new $4.99 per month plan will find they won’t have access to millions of tracks that are only available in full on the premium $9.99 tier. ($5 members will be able to hear a 30-second preview of those songs, which also includes a message prompting them to upgrade to the $10 level.)

The addition of SoundCloud Go not only gives you more freedom to choose the experience that fits you best, it also enables us to increase revenue to further expand our revenue sharing program for creators. As shared last year, we streamlined and further automated the process to get creators into our SoundCloud Premier program. We continue to grow the SoundCloud Premier program in line with the growth of our revenue streams, inviting more and more creators every month.

Subscription Information

SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+ are available through SoundCloud’s existing apps on the iOS App Store, Google Play or by logging on to soundcloud.com/go in the US, UK, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Germany.

Users can sign up for a free, 30-day trial of SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+, after which a monthly subscription fee applies. Pricing is as follows: Go is $4.99 (web/Android)/$5.99 (iOS) per month in the US, Go+ is $9.99 (web/Android)/$12.99 (iOS) per month in the US. iOS users can avoid the App Store surcharge by visiting the soundcloud.com/go website.

The Soundcloud app is free, and is available for iOS devices in the App Store. [GET IT HERE]