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‘T-Mobile Unlimited 55+’ Plan for Seniors – 2 Lines, $60/Month

‘T-Mobile Unlimited 55+’ Plan for Seniors – 2 Lines, $60/Month

T-Mobile on Monday announced their new “T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+” plan, which is available to folks 55 years of age or older. The new plan offers two lines of T-Mobile ONE unlimited service for $60, fees and taxes included.

'T-Mobile Unlimited 55+' Plan for Seniors - 2 Lines, $60/Month

Starting August 9, qualified customers can get two lines of T-Mobile ONE — America’s best unlimited on America’s best unlimited network — for just $60, taxes and fees included, with Autopay. And that comes with unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data along with great T-Mobile ONE benefits, making T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ the best deal — hands down — for today’s modern, mobile adults age 55+. It’s such a sweet deal that we’re checking IDs!

The standard price for two lines of ONE service is $100 per month, so the new deal saves a sweet bit of change. I don’t know about you, but 40 bucks will cover MY Ensure bill for the month, so I’m going for it.

“For years, the carriers have been patronizing the generation that invented wireless. They thank these mobile pioneers by selling dumbed down ‘senior’ plans with exactly zero data and — get this — night and weekend minutes! That’s not just idiotic — it’s insulting!” said Legere. “Today, the Un-carrier ends this ridiculousness with T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ — an offer that recognizes how Boomers and beyond actually use their smartphones!”

There are certain requirements customers must meet, including being over 55 years of age, (DUH!), and enabling Autopay on a debit or credit card. The way the charges work out are as follows: $50 for the first line, $10 for the second, both get unlimited everything (voice, text, 4G LTE data) with a $5 per line Autopay discount.

The plan includes the following Un-carrier benefits at no extra cost:

  • Simple Global: unlimited text and data roaming and low flat-rate calling in 140+ countries and destinations
  • Mobile Without Borders: talk, text and surf in Mexico and Canada like you’re at home
  • Gogo Inflight: get unlimited texting all flight long and 1 free hour of smartphone Wi-Fi on all Gogo-equipped domestic flights
  • DIGITS: use your T-Mobile number on compatible phones, tablets and PCs, and use multiple numbers on one device
  • Mobile Hotspot: connect all your devices to the internet with included tethering data
  • Un-contract: only you have the power to change the price you pay
  • Carrier Freedom: The carrier will help cover your switching costs
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays: get thanked with free stuff every week just for being a customer

The new plan will be available as of Wednesday, August 9. New customers must visit a T-Mobile store to sign-up, (They need to see your drivers license to prove your age, you forever young beauty), and existing customers can get the plan by calling T-Mobile, visiting the Magenta carrier’s website, or dropping by one of the carrier’s stores.