Can I Use Apple Pay in Thailand?

Paying With Pay Over the Counter and Online in Thailand

You can use Apple Pay in Thailand for many things. Apple Pay works with any Apple products you have so whether you live in Thailand or are visiting Thailand, if you have an Apple Watch, phone, or computer, you can bring things like your phone and your watch to a merchant and enjoy contactless payments at the counter for merchants that accept Apple Pay.  If you are looking to play at online mobile casinos ithat are Thailand based then you probably want to know which payment methods you can use and whether you can use Apple Pay in Thailand. With Apple online gaming, you can use Apple Pay for certain purchases online. 

Apple Pay Security

How to Use Apple Pay in ThailandWhy use Apple Pay? Well, Apple products are generally considered the safest and most secure.  It can be challenging to trust a technology to keep your information safe but Apple Pay is a significantly safer way to make purchases online and in an app compared to a physical credit card. For starters, Apple pay requires extra verification. Even if someone steals your phone, they still need verification to make a purchase online whereas someone who steals your credit card can make a purchase almost immediately.  Every time you purchase something in a store or online in Thailand using Apple Pay, the mobile wallet generates a unique code to process that transaction so they never share your credit card information. Your personal credit card or bank card information never gets shared online and it never travels between your device and the merchants. This means that if someone tries to intercept the data while you are making the transaction, they won't get anything useful.   

If you are shopping, someone can use a card skimming device on a card reader to steal your credit card information but they can't do that with an Apple Pay device. This makes it significantly safer.  Apple never stores your credit card information on your devices or on their servers. This means even if someone steals your device or they hack into your iCloud account, and at worst if they're able to hack into the Apple servers, they still won't get any of your payment information so they won't be able to use it illegally.

Using Apple Pay to Play at Thai Online Casinos

One of the most common ways you can use Apple Pay is to play at Thai online casinos. Apple Pay is available to purchase credits at Thai online casinos even if not shown at this site. With online mobile casino apps, there are always opportunities for purchases in the middle of the game, maybe adding more money to your account or purchasing more credits for online casinos that are for fun only and don’t use real money. If you are playing Mac gaming Thailand based, you need to know what options you have online. Apple accepts payments from customers in Thailand which means you can place online orders while you are playing Apple online games and the billing address can be in Thailand.

How to Stay Safe and Secure When Using Apple Pay in Thailand

It is important that you keep your Apple Pay account safe, too by:   

  1. Keeping your passcode secure and using biometrics where you can
  2. Avoiding adding cards on public wifi
  3. Keep your device safe 

It's always important that you do your part to keep your transactions safe. When you are using Apple Pay in Thailand, always keep your passcode safe. Make purchases using face ID or touch ID features but be careful to guard your passcode if you have to enter it.  Biometrics aren't required to use Apple pay but they are a much safer way to do it. When you set up your biometric features, don't let other people add their credentials to your phone. It might seem harmless enough to let a spouse or close friend or significant other add their features to your phone, but if things go south, this gets tricky. Do your part to avoid adding new cards or accounts to your Apple account if you are using public Wi-Fi. You should only add card information if you are at home using a password protected network.  Since so much of your safety using Apple Pay comes from the devices themselves, you should always act immediately if you misplace your device or it gets stolen. Don't rely just on a passcode to keep your information safe. Always report that theft and close any associated  accounts as soon as you can.