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CNBC Report Features World’s Largest Collection of Apple Prototypes

CNBC Report Features World’s Largest Collection of Apple Prototypes

A new video report from CNBC features the world’s largest collection of Apple prototypes. Devices features include the original Macintosh, Color Macintosh, the Newton, and the Macintosh Portable.

Hap Plain has amassed one of the largest private collections of rare and unreleased Apple prototypes. His collection of more than 250 prototypes includes iPhones, iPads, Macs and pretty much everything in between. He has even turned his hobby into a thriving eBay business, selling one of his rare prototypes for more than $16,000. But this isn’t about the money for Hap. He only sells prototypes if he owns multiple copies, and he uses the money to buy more rare pieces to add to his collection.

Other prototype devices include a Macintosh TV, a 20th Century Macintosh, a developer version of the Lisa, iPads, and iPhones.

Hap Plain says he started the collection by accident, when he bought a prototype Macintosh without realizing what it was. His collection currently consists of over 250 devices, and he sells any duplicates he has on hand to finance the purchase of other devices.

A look at the world’s most incredible collection of vintage Apple prototypes from CNBC.

He sells his extras on eBay, and that usually works well for him, but a recent posting for a developer’s Lisa resulted in a removal of the posting, and being told Apple’s lawyers would like to talk to him. Apparently, the Cupertino firm doesn’t look kindly on prototypes being sold on auction sites.

Plan says he’s not looking to make big bucks form his collection, but that he simply looking to preserve the devices. He’s looking to partner with a museum to display his collection.

(Via 9to5Mac)


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