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Netflix Testing ‘Extras’ Tab in Mobile App

Netflix Testing ‘Extras’ Tab in Mobile App

Netflix is testing a new “Extras” feature in its mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms. The new feature collects its movies and TV shows in an Instagram-like feed.

Netflix has confirmed the test in an email seen by Variety. Netflix says the new feature is a way to “help fans connect more deeply with the titles they love.”

Netflix Testing 'Extras' Tab in Mobile App
Screenshots via Variety.

User who are part of the test will see a new tab in their mobile Netflix app entitled “Extras.” The tab allows users to scroll vertically to see new posts about Netflix content, including See You Yesterday, Stranger Things, and others. Video play automatically (sans sound), and image galleries can be scrolled, ala Instagram.

As can be expected in today’s sharing-first world, the new feed allows users to share the content with friends and family. It also allows adding the film or show to your Netflix list, and receive a reminder when the content launches.

If you’re not seeing the new feature, don’t fret. Netflix tests features like this from time to time, the Extras feature may not show up for everyone, and could be scrapped before rolling out to everyone.