Apple Arcade Adds Four New Games, Including PAC-MAN Party Royale & Ballistic Baseball

Apple Arcade Adds Four New Games, Including PAC-MAN Party Royale & Ballistic Baseball

Apple Arcade on Friday added four new games to its all-you-can-play buffet of games for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac.

The latest additions include a bit of maze-based mania with “PAC-MAN Party Royale” which is definitely not the Pac-Man your Dad or Mom played in the arcades of yore. (Okay, I played it too). In the game, there is a 4 Players Battle Mode, where players aim to be the last PAC-MAN standing to win the rounds.

Real-time player-vs-player baseball game “Ballistic Baseball” is a “real-time PvP baseball game that captures the intense battle of skill and wits between pitcher and batter. Play versus opponents in real-time matches on iOS, macOS and tvOS devices in seamless cross-play.” (Not yet available on the Mac, but is expected to debut there soon.)

In the horror-themed game, “Things That Go Bump,” “familiar objects and rooms come to life every night, and nothing looks quite as does in the day. Create your creature, and battle your friends, but beware the house spirits! They can destroy and they can give life. Battle, create, and make your way through the rooms of the house, and slowly you will unravel the secret of Things that Go Bump.”

Last but not least, gravity-based puzzle game “Manifold Garden” allows players to “Manipulate gravity to change your perspective and see the world in new ways. Master the rules of the universe and restore a barren world with vegetation and life.”

With the addition of today’s games, Apple Arcade now has 84 games available for iOS and tvOS, and 76 on macOS, out of a promised 100+.

Apple Arcade Games are available on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, although not all games make an appearance on all of those platforms. The $4.99 per month Apple Arcade subscription service includes no in-app purchases or additional costs.