Adobe Photoshop for Mac Update Brings Native Apple Silicon Support

Adobe Photoshop for Mac Update Brings Native Apple Silicon Support

Apple is now rolling out an update to Photoshop for Mac that brings native support for Apple Silicon-powered Macs. Adobe says the update brings 1.5x faster performance than running the software via Rosetta.

From Adobe:

Run Photoshop faster in native mode on Apple computers using the Apple Silicon M1 chip.

As of March 2021, Photoshop now runs natively on Apple computers using the Apple Silicon M1 chip with 1.5X the speed of similarly configured previous generation systems.  

A beta version of Photoshop that included Apple Silicon support has been available since November. The v22.2 update today officially adds Apple Silicon support to the image editor.

There are some features that are currently not available on the Apple Silicon version of Photoshop:

Known differences and limitations

Photoshop has minor feature differences when running under native mode and Rosetta. Adobe is hard at work to reduce these feature differences in future updates.

Features not available in the native mode

Refer to the below list to determine whether to open Photoshop in Native mode or open using Rosetta. To learn more about Rosetta, see About Rosetta.

  • Import, Export, and playback of embedded video layers
  • Shake Reduction filter
  • Preset Syncing
  • Share an image button / Quick Share
  • Create new Library from document / Libraries Panel menu command
  • Home Screen > Shared with you and Invite to edit / Collaborative Editing features. To learn alternative ways to access files shared with you, see Access and edit shared cloud documents.
  • Opening or placing U3D formatted files
  • Starting Bridge from Photoshop menus

In addition to Apple Silicon support, today’s update also includes bug fixes and improvements. The app can be updated through the Creative Cloud Mac app.