TSMC Readying to Begin Production of 2nm Chips as Early as 2025

TSMC Readying to Begin Production of 2nm Chips as Early as 2025

Chips using the 2nm process could be ready for use in Apple’s iOS and Mac devices as early as 2025, as the company’s main chip supplier, TSMC is reportedly working to produce that process by the early part of 2025, according to a DigiTimes report.

The report says TSMC will begin mass production of 3nm chips later this year with 2nm production following in 2025. Apple and Intel will be among the first to use the newer technology.

TSMC has set a timetable to move its 2nm GAA process to production in 2025 while commercializing its 3nm FInFET process with improved yield rates in the second half of 2022, with Apple and Intel among the first clients to adopt both nodes, further consolidating its dominance in the advanced foundry sector, according to industry sources.

Currently, all of Apple’s latest chips feature the 5nm process, including the A15 Bionic in the iPhone 13 series and the entire M1 Apple silicon line. The current ‌iPad Pro‌ features an ‌M1‌ chip, with a 2022 version expected to include Apple’s all-new M2 chip.

TSMC’s 3nm process technology boasts performance increases of up to 15% while using at least 25% less battery life, according to the chipmaker.