Analyst Kuo: Apple Watch Series 10 to Boast Larger Screen and Thinner Design

Analyst Kuo: Apple Watch Series 10 to Boast Larger Screen and Thinner Design

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 10 will be both thinner and be available in larger screen sizes than the previous model, says Apple industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

In an industry note shared on Medium, Kuo said the next-generation Apple Watch screen size options will increase from 41mm to 45mm, and from 45mm to 49mm, while boasting a thinner design.

Kuo said the Apple Watch Ultra will remain “roughly the same” this year, although if production yields meet expectations, a new dark/black case color option could also debut.

Later this year, Apple is expected to begin using 3D printing technology to manufacture components for the Apple Watch. The Cupertino firm has put the process through extensive testing, improving production efficiency. Kuo said Apple will depend on BLT to supply the 3D-printed components.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman had previously said Apple is working on a thinner casing for the “Apple Watch X,” as well as working on different mechanisms for attaching bands to the device’s casing, which has remained the same since the device’s introduction, allowing bands to be compatible throughout all of the different generations of the Apple Watch.

Gurman said his sources tell him that the existing band system takes up a large amount of space that could be better put to use to allow for bigger batteries or other internal components. Apple is said to be mulling over a magnetic band attachment system, but it is currently unclear whether it will be ready for the Apple Watch X model.

The Apple Watch X could also introduce the use of microLED display technology for the Apple Watch X, in place of existing OLED screens.