Apple Teases Upcoming Beats Pill Unveiling on June 25

Apple Teases Upcoming Beats Pill Unveiling on June 25

Apple has posted a teaser ad for its upcoming new Beats Pill speaker, which will be unveiled on Tuesday, June 25, according to the teaser posted on Monday to the social network formerly known as Twitter.

Apple has provided samples of the new Beats Pill speaker to a number of celebrities and sports stars. The speaker has been spotted in the hands of basketball star LeBron James, F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, soccer star Lionel Messi, and Kim Kardashian.

The device has also appeared in an FCC database, indicating that a launch date for the new speaker is nearing. Images of the new speaker also showed up in the iOS 17.5 beta.

While Apple hasn’t provided any details about the new speaker, it boasts a pill-shape design much like the Beats Pill that Apple discontinued back in 2022. Celebrities that have been seen with the new Pill have been using a lanyard that was not available on previous models. The leaked images in the iOS 17.5 beta indicate that the speaker’s colors options will include gold, red, and black.

The new Beats Pill speaker is expected to feature USB-C charging, improved Bluetooth, Fin My compatibility, and other improvements.