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Even The Times Square Billboards Use OS X…

Posted on 27/12/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill

times square mac 2

Here’s a fairly amusing photo coming right from Times Square. You might think that the huge billboards on display use Windows or some version of Linux. Well guess what? Probably the biggest screen to have switched to Mac yet, Times Square billboards run OS X.


Apple Seeds First OS X 10.8.3 Beta to Developers

Posted on 26/11/2012 by J. Glenn K├╝nzler


Apple has just begun seeding developers with the first beta of OS X 10.8.3 – the next incremental update to OS X Mountain Lion. In order to install the update, developers must first download a new configuration utility.


OS X Snow Leopard Returns to Apple Store

Posted on 23/11/2012 by Chris Hauk

Snow Leopard Thumb

Apple is once again offering OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in its online store. The operating system, which many users of older Macs found that they needed after upgrading their iOS devices to iOS 6, is available for $19.99.


The Ultimate Mac Portable Mod (Video)

Posted on 19/11/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill


In terms of preserving the original product, this is the perfect mod. Patrick Blampied of Ultimate Hipster Tech has gutted a retro Macintosh Portable, inserted the hardware of an NB100 netbook into it, and somehow got OS X running.


Review: W3capture – Easily Convert Webpages to PDF Files

Posted on 17/11/2012 by Chris Hauk


Ever want to save a webpage for viewing later, but in a file format that can be viewed by anyone, all graphics intact? Just saving the page as HTML isn’t convenient, you either lose the graphics, or you have to make sure to keep the graphics files the same place as the page, and it makes it a pain to send for viewing by others. Enter W3capture from Ondesoft.


Macs Running OS X 10.9 Sighted on the Web

Posted on 06/11/2012 by Chris Hauk

OS X Thumb

AppleInsider is reporting they have received more than 30 visits from machines listed as running OS X 10.9. A handful of other computers running Intel based OS X 10.9 have been sighted elsewhere on the web.


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