WWDC Review and Weekly Top 10

WWDC Review and Weekly Top 10

Get caught up on the massive amount of Apple news from this week and our Top Ten most-read stories.

A Sneak Peek at iOS 5

As voted by your clicks, our sneak peek at iOS 5 was the most-read story of the week. Read on to see a ton of screenshots from iOS 5. Unless you’re a developer, these will have to suffice until sometime this fall when iOS 5 is released.

iPad Will Be Even More Magical With iOS 5

This “magical” video tricked more than a few of you, making it our second place story of the week.

iMessage: What It Is And Why It’s Killing RIM

Apple is a powerful force of change and with iMessage they will undercut wireless carriers’ profitable SMS charges by making communication between millions of iOS devices free. RIM already has BlackBerry Messenger but they are losing market share fast. The SMS market is about to collapse.

Get the Beautiful New OS X Lion Background Images Here

Read on to find out how you can Lion-ify your Snow Leopard installation a month ahead of time with these gorgeous background images from OS X Lion Developer Preview.

iOS 5 Hints at Two Future iPad Models

Two new iPad model numbers have been uncovered in a beta release of iOS 5. Could this point to an iPad 3 refresh soon?

Screenshot of New iOS 5 Notification Bar

A screenshot was leaked ahead of the WWDC Keynote. It proved to be a fake, but it was close. Here’s what a Twitter notification looks like in iOS 5.

Top 5 Unsung features of iOS 5

We take a look at the top 5 updates to iOS 5. If that’s not enough for you, here are 10 more new features coming to iOS 5 this fall.

iTunes 10.3 is Released

Apple released iTunes 10.3, and subsequently 10.3.1 for bug fixes, which includes a feature to re-download purchased music, apps and iBooks. iCloud is upon us to some degree with Apple’s answer to Amazon’s Cloud Drive.

The Top 10 Unsung Features of OS X Lion

Check out the top ten upcoming features in OS X Lion. When you’re finished with that, here are ten more. This should tide you over until next month when it will be released on the Mac App Store for $29.99.

Apple’s Free iCloud is Replacing MobileMe

Steve Jobs crashed a “FREE” slide down onto MobileMe when he announced iCloud last Monday. The new service effectively kills off the $99-a-year MobileMe service by giving everyone a free @me.com email account, and contacts and calendars synchronization via iCloud to all your devices. Read on to find out how this affects current MobileMe subscribers.

More News From WWDC

iCloud was all the rage this week at WWDC. Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s cloud-based synchronization platform. WWDC showed off iOS 5, and it’s got more improvements than you can shake a stick at. Check out the video for some of the highlights of iOS 5. Not to be overshadowed by Apple, the jailbreak community broke iOS 5 in 24 hours. Speaking of new features, a student claims Apple copied his rejected iOS Wi-Fi syncing app. His claim seems convincing, what do you think?

In other news, the iPhone 4S may be released on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint simultaneously. Steve Jobs gave a second keynote this week to the Cupertino City Council, unveiling Apple’s plans for a gorgeous new mothership headquarters, it’s out of this world! Here is a sneak peek at some of the new building’s features.