Review: Rokbed V3 for iPhone 4/4S by Rokform

Review: Rokbed V3 for iPhone 4/4S by Rokform

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Having previously reviewed the Desktop Rokstand, Folding Rokstand, and original Rokbed, it’s clear to me that the new Rokbed V3 system is a quality addition to the line. Utilizing a polycarbonate material, the Rokbed V3 case protects the iPhone while offering a wide array of useful accessories.


The Rokbed V3 is designed to offer six sided protection while keeping access to all necessary ports and controls.  The lightweight injection molded polycarbonate offers a structured exoskeleton that snugly holds the iPhone to prevent rattling or movement; however, the V3 is rated to work in conjunction with protective skins.  Giving credit where it is due, the Rokform team even designed the case slightly thinner around the sleep/wake and volume buttons for easier access.  To the casual observer, it would not be noticed, but it is a nice added nuance to the overall design.

The back of the V3 is the most intriguing part of the case.  A non-slip grip (included) is imbedded just below the locking mechanism to prevent the case from sliding around on flat surfaces – perfect for placing on a car dashboard.  In addition, an integrated locking mechanism is moulded into the back, which prevents it from attracting undue attention or awkwardly sticking out.  The locking design provides a myriad of accessory options, which are enumerated subsequently.

Functionalities Abound

In addition to the non-slip grip, the included accessories are a wrist lanyard and the Remote Mounting System (RMS).  The RMS is an adhesive disk that will mount to practically any flat surface using the attached 3M pad.  The non-adhesive side is then designed to lock perfectly into the back of the V3.

The locking case with the additional accessories make the Rokbed V3 a complete system as opposed to just another iPhone case and to review this case without drawing attention to the wide variety of accessories is like eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without bread.  Additional accessories include a Tripod Adapter, Magnet Kit, TPE Colored Grip, Sport Clip, Rokmeister, Rokmeiter-Turf, Lil’ Rok, and a Bike Mount!

To highlight a few of the excellent accessories, I greatly appreciate the Magnet Kit which integrates with the non-slip grip pad on the back of the case.  The grip completely hides the magnet behind the rubber grip but allows the case to hold the iPhone onto any metallic surface.  Another favorite accessory is the Rokmeister, which is a bottle opener/pocket clip that locks into the back of of the case making any bottle cap an easy fix.

Conclusion [rating: 4.5/5]

Rokform’s Rokbed V3 System comes in solid colors ($39.00, order page) or a completely customized color scheme ($49.00, customize).  The custom option lets the purchaser choose different top, bottom and grip colors, giving a completely customizable experience.

The case carefully holds the iPhone in place, preventing rattling or scratches, which is highly important.  An integrated locking system gives a varied user experience letting the owner use the case as best seen fit.  The varied options and well-designed system make the V3 an excellent addition to a growing array of quality Rokform products.


  • Includes the case, RMS, non-slip grip, and lanyard
  • Hard polycarbonate frame
  • Extremely versatile product that functionally uses excellent accessories
  • 12 colors or mix and match
  • Camera relief design prevents flash-back when taking pictures
  • Accessory assortment defines this case


  • If not careful, the tight fit may peel your screen protector off, but it is rated to accommodate the extra thickness
  • The headphone jack access is not wide enough to accommodate wider 3.5mm cables

V3 System Examples

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The Rokbed V3 case is a fantastic blend of style, utility, and affordability. But don’t just take our word for it – we want you to experience the V3 for yourself! That’s why we’re giving away 3 Rokbed V3 cases to three lucky winners!


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