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MacTrast Deals: Soundjump Bluetooth Speaker

Posted on 25/08/2016 by Chris Hauk


The Soundjump Bluetooth Speaker offers a removable, rechargeable 6,000mAh battery, that allows you to listen to music for up to 20 hours. Plus, you can charge your other devices with the battery, when it isn’t hooked up to the speaker!


MacTrast Deals: LinearFlux PokeCharger Portable Battery

Posted on 23/08/2016 by Chris Hauk


Pokémon Go is fun, but man, can hunting for Pokémon drain your mobile device’s battery! Get the LinearFlux PokeCharger Portable Battery. This 3.0 Amp charger will charge your iPhone at twice the speed of a typical wall charger!


MacTrast Deals: SaferVPN Premium: Lifetime Subscription

Posted on 19/08/2016 by Chris Hauk


A SaferVPN Premium: Lifetime Subscription gives you peace of mind by giving you the ultimate protection against hackers and snoopers via SaferVPN, the fastest, simplest and most reliable VPN service on the market.


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